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I am so excited to share our full closet makeover breakdown with you all. I know some of you may have seen the initial reveal on instagram of the closet but I had so many of you who were curious about the design process and how it all works. So, I am going to get down into all the details so you can see exactly how we went from start to finish. (I wouldn't even say its completely finished either because I will probably continue to organize and move our things around until I really feel like it's the perfect layout for us.)

When we bought the house we knew right away that we were going to rip out the previous set up as it was not very functional and was pretty beat up so it really needed a face lift anyways. It really is a good size closet, but didn't feel that way with the prior set-up. One of the main goals with the new design for me was to really use the space we had in the most functional way possible.

I worked with Katie Swinburne who is a local designer at CA Closets San Diego on this space. I came in with an idea of what my overall goals were but she really was the brains behind using up every inch of the space perfectly. And of course she made it look beautiful as well as you've seen!

Katie came over and took measurements for everything and then we sat down and completely designed the space together from the ground up right there on her computer. It was really cool to watch it all come together right before my eyes. We really went over our personal wardrobe in detail in order to make sure we had ample space for each category of items. Hanging space was really important for us and I am SO thrilled with the amount of hanging space we ended up with. She really worked with me to make sure we got exactly what we wanted while still staying within our budget. They have so many cool extra features they offer and we were able to pick which ones really stood out for us.

We decided on some fun simple features like the pull out dirty clothes bins, a jewelry drawer, tie & robe hooks, etc. There are SO many things you can pick from to design the closet of your dreams though, we are just generally more simple when it comes to style. I am still in awe of how great it came out, its absolutely perfect for our family.

The Before

The original layout in the house when we purchased it was just not very functional and had so much folded space but no drawers and not a ton of hanging space. It was also old and beat up since it wasn't taken care of so we knew we would just wipe it out and start from a clean slate. As you can see when Katie came in we had just a fresh room to work with, which made the process extra seamless for us as well.

The Design

One of my favorite parts of the entire process was getting to see all of the renderings in real time of our closet as we made our adjustments. Being able to say "Oh, what if we did this?" and then actually getting to see the change made immediately was such a game changer in making decisions instead of just trying to imagine what it might look like.

We kept the colors cohesive with the rest of our home/master bath in order for it to flow throughout the house. We loved the simple white look for the wood and decided to go with the gold to match what we have in our other rooms. It was the perfect bronzy gold for us which works perfectly with all of our Brizo fixtures. It's subtle but beautiful and I'm so glad we went with that choice.

And then the team got to work and we watched our renderings come to life perfectly...

The After

I am so glad we ended up going with the jewelry drawer. Although I'm not someone who has a ton of jewelry, having at least one drawer where I could keep my things organized was so crucial. Without that I really didn't have any other solution for properly storing any pieces I do have. You could do multiples of this option if needed but one was perfect for my needs.

Again, the ample hanging space was one of our biggest requests and as you can see we got PLENTY of space for all of our hanging needs. I also love the storage above that goes all the way up to the ceiling because its perfect for being able to store all of those items you don't use all the time but want to have access to when needed. I went with some bins just to keep the look clean and simple. It's also a great space to display any kinds of nicer items you want to have out so I may swap things in and out of those cubbies over time. I love having the option of doing so many different things in those spaces.

And now for a before and after side by side because I know we all love to see it! What a beautiful closet we have now, I am SO happy. You can also watch the video version of the before and after on my instagram post here as well:

We couldn't recommend California Closets enough. From the amazing team, to the design process and completed product it all was just perfect. Don't be fooled by their name though, they do have locations in lots of other states so be sure to check your area when considering a company for your closet makeover. You can also check out their instagrams here:

  • Writer's pictureShayna Marie

If you are a parent, I'm sure you know the struggle of trying to find the best bottle. There are SO many options out there and if you're like us, you probably tried most of them. We found some that were OKAY but they had a million pieces to clean so it was such a pain. You already feel like you're constantly washing bottles so the last thing you want to do is have to clean a bunch of tiny little pieces. That's when we discovered Nanobébé and we were hooked. The anti-colic feature in a baby bottle is an absolute must, especially in the newborn phase because no one wants a gassy baby. Theirs has this, but BETTER. Their anti-colic feature is built into the nipple so there's no need for a bunch of extra pieces. I immediately had to tell all of my friends who recently had babies or were getting ready to because this was such a game changer and time saver. Plus the design of them is so chic. It sounds weird but I always get compliments and questions on these bottles when we're out and about. People are always asking me what kind of bottle it is and commenting on how nice they are. Then of course I have to brag about the anti-colic feature being built into the nipple and then they're sold too. Bottom line is, every parent should add these bottles to their must-have list.

On top of the bottles we're obsessed with they do offer a variety of other products as well! There is also another bottle they offer that is perfect for helping breastfed babies take a bottle because it is shaped like a breast and the nipple is the most similar experience to what they're used to. If you. browse their site you'll find other accessories as well such as pacifiers, breast milk storage solutions, cleaners and sterilizers for your bottles, and even a travel cooler bag to protect the liquid gold. I was so excited that I found their brand during our journey so I wanted to share with the world and help make their lives easier too. If you have tried their products, you already know how amazing they are. But if you haven't, please let me know if you do! I would love to hear your experience.

Click Nanobébé to shop the goods now!

  • Writer's pictureShayna Marie

Being a first-time mom there is SO much to learn about our baby boy. There is so much happening and changing so fast as our little guy grows and every single day is a new learning experience for us.

I want to make sure I am super educated so that we don't get overwhelmed and are prepared for all of the changes he goes through. I am so excited that I found! Thanks to this platform I have access to over 70+ online research-based courses to learn all about my little guy. They are brief 20-30 minute courses ranging from infant to toddler and preschool care, so as he grows I will have new courses I can take to continue to learn with him.

These courses are available on any device 24/7 so it makes it so convenient with my new mom schedule. If you're a parent you know how difficult it can be to adjust to a new schedule, so convenience is KEY. I can complete the courses at my own pace as time permits.

The first course I’m taking is Developmental Delights: Birth to 3 Months so I can really understand these early stages in his life! In this particular course, you learn about Physical Development, Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development, and Communication Development. This is all so helpful in order to help not only understand your baby but to help them thrive in these early stages.

If you're a parent or you're expecting I would highly recommend checking out Even if you have already been a parent there is always so much you can learn. It's never too late to dive in and take some courses based on your child’s age and current stages. I think this is something you will all love!

If you’re interested in trying for yourself, they’ve got a free one-week trial, or you can get 20% off a one-month subscription using my code “MN1Month” now until 3/31/21.

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