• Shayna Marie

As my bump really started to show I have found that my absolute favorite thing to wear are cute dresses and leggings with fun crop tops. Back in the day our parents used to hide their bump, but in today's society it's all about showing it off! We all know that we want to be comfortable while pregnant too so these styles give you the best of both worlds. I'm going to share my favorite dresses I've found and more casual looks too. I have found that you don't always have to shop maternity pieces and can make stretchy regular clothes work for you too. Let's get "bump friendly."

Bump Friendly Dresses

  1. Black Turtle Neck Dress

  2. White Long Sleeve Dress

  3. Taupe Long Sleeve Dress

  4. Slouchy Sweater Dress

  5. Black Adjustable Dress

Crops To Pair With Leggings

All of these come in multiple colors as well!

  1. Tan Long Sleeve

  2. Light Grey Sweatshirt

  3. Grey Sweater

  4. Green Long Sleeve

  5. Dark Grey Hoodie

  • Shayna Marie

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We all love a good band tee, but they can get SO pricey sometimes. I'm all about getting the look for less and I scouted out these cute tees for us! Here are 7 cute band tees I found on amazon, all under $30 dollars.

(to shop, click on the title of the shirt below)

  1. Queen Shirt

  2. Black Queen Shirt

  3. Tan Def Leppard

  4. Hotel California

  5. Purple Queen

  6. White Def Leppard

  7. ZZ Top

  • Shayna Marie

A Coachella style post has been requested numerous times so I decided to give you guys a last minute Coachella style board. These are my favorite looks that I pulled from pinterest. Although I might not be able to attend Coachella this year, you can bet I will still be rocking these boho looks! For all of you who will be attending please enjoy for me too!

-These photos are pulled from various influencers and pinterest. I do not take credit for these looks or photos. (Other than the top middle photo, because well, that's me!) ENJOY!