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My Experience with The Everylywell Food Sensitivity Test

First I want to start of by saying that this is not a paid post. I actually reached out to Everylywell on my own because I've always wanted to take one of these food sensitivity tests. I also thought that this would be something a lot of my friends and followers would be interested in as well. Certain foods have caused all kinds of skin issues and bloating for me, so I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Although I'm not getting paid for the post, they do have a referral program so if you do plan to purchase the test I would really appreciate it if you use my link so I can track who has benefitted from me sharing. You can purchase the kit with that link HERE

In this first blog post I will just share my experience with the test itself and what my results were. I will help explain exactly how the test works and how to break down and understand the results. I will follow this up with a future post that shows how cutting some of these trigger foods out has impacted me.

Why take this test?

The Everylywell food sensitivity kit tests your reactivity to 96 of the most common food sensitivities.

-The first step is to purchase your kit, which Everylywell will send to you in the mail. You can purchase their test with a 10% discount HERE

-When the kit comes in the mail it will contain all the tools you need to complete the at-home test. You basically prick your finger with their small tool and squeeze your finger to fill the small blood test circles. Here is what mine looked like. ( P.S. It doesn't hurt, I promise.)

-They include a shipping label for you also so you can pack up the kit and mail it back to them.

Once they receive your kit, your results will be mailed to you within 5 business days.


They rate your results based on how reactive you are to each item tested. There are four categories High, Moderate, Mild and Low.

My only Highly reactive food is the yeast in beer, which is unfortunate because I drink a beer almost every single day with dinner. This might explain why I often wake up with bloating in the morning and why my skin has been a mess.

The next level down is the yeast in bread, which I also consume almost on a daily basis. My metabolism is insanely fast so I turn to bread to give me fuel, which I guess has not been really benefiting me the way I thought.

I did however read in my results that if both brewers yeast and bakers yeast show up as positive, then it could indicate a yeast imbalance in the gut. I will try to get to the bottom of that issue before giving up beer and bread for life.

Next is the Mild reactivity, which is where all of the dairy products show up. I knew I had a slight intolerance to dairy all along, so this just confirms that for me.

The remaining 78 foods fell into the low category for me, so I won't really elaborate on those. After taking this test I will definitely be cutting way back on the beer and dairy to see how it will benefit me. Once I've had some time to let these changes work on my body I will follow up with another post to let you guys know how I feel!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope that this will benefit you in some way too! If you'd like to purchase, once again here is the link for 10% off Everylywell


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