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Why I Love to Workout

Of course the obvious answer would be to maintain my physical health, and yes of course that is one reason. Who doesn't want to look good?! I recently started working out with a personal trainer and I feel better than I have ever felt in so many ways. I'm naturally thin, which everyone rolls their eyes when you complain about that, but I don't want to just be skinny. I want to have curves and feel like a woman too, and working out is the only way I am able to achieve that. I recently started boxing as well and let me tell you.. I am HOOKED! Who knew that cardio could be so fun? I've always stayed far away from cardio for two main reasons, the first reason being that I always thought that cardio was miserable because I thought it had to be an activity like running. And the second is because I always wanted to gain weight, not lose it, so I thought that I should avoid it all together. I quickly found out that some cardio is necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. While on my journey to creating a body that I love, I found that I love working out for so many reasons besides just the physical benefits.


SLEEP: I've never had a problem sleeping necessarily, but I did notice that as soon as I added physical activity to my lifestyle that I have the best sleep I've ever had. I always sleep like a baby on the days that I train and everyone knows how important sleep is for your health, your skin, your sanity, etc.

BEER: Your girl LOVES to drink beer. I am not really one to go out and get drunk very often but I do love to enjoy a beer almost every night with my dinner or if I'm working on some creative projects. I don't drink them to get buzzed typically I just really enjoy craft beers and the taste. No one wants a beer belly, and I figure after I've gone to the gym and worked my butt off I deserve a beer.

ENERGY: Although I sleep like a baby at night after I workout, I typically feel super energized immediately following my workout. I love working out late morning after I've had breakfast because then I have all kinds of extra energy to go about my day. I also love to just get my workout done so that I have the rest of the day to get everything done!

HAPPINESS: Exercise is hands down my favorite stress relief. If I am ever stressed out or have something that is making me upset or angry, I always have the gym to make me feel better. Sometimes exercising is the last thing you feel like doing when you're upset, but I always leave the gym feeling way better than when I arrived.

ROUTINE: Being on a regular routine helps me not only physically, but mentally as well! When I started going to the gym regularly as part of my weekly routine it helped me feel more productive and organized in my life. It's good to have some structure, especially for me because I am not the best at managing my time.

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